Vapers aren’t just faced with a wide selection of the best box mods and vape mods; they are bombarded by choice. There are Variable Voltage/Variable Watt and Variable Watt/Temperature Control devices, pass-through and mechanical units.

Some units contain the tank and the battery is built into others. Certain devices are slick and stylish, some are industrial, and a selection of products boasts vibrant colors and matching tanks. How does a consumer sift through all of this information to find the best box mods and reach a conclusion?

Filtering your Finds For The Top Box Mods

Firstly, it’s a good idea to find out what other people are saying about a number of the products that you’ll see in large review sites. Visit major retailers carrying mainstream items and review ratings by real consumers.

Focus on those which seem to result from a few weeks or months of usage and contemplation rather than initial impressions straight out of the box. Read reviews by e-cig web writers and trust sites that don’t appear to promote any particular brand.

Brand Bounty

SMOK-R200-in-Black-300x300There are lots of very good brands out there; trustworthy names wary shoppers can rely on. SMOK, Sigelei, Innokin, JoyeTech, Tesla, and Kanger are just some of the most famous and affordable brands and top box modification companies.

Others pop up frequently. All of these Chinese manufacturers are well-known for their quality and reliability, but there are some excellent American options too, like Volcano and Hana Modz.

Wattage Selection For Your Box

Bigger is not better by default. I’m talking about wattage output here, not size. In fact, the more compact a unit is, the more convenient it usually is for the consumer.

Where watts are concerned, that’s a matter of preference. Do you really need a maximum of 200 watts to enjoy the best flavor from your e juice vapor? Perhaps you are a technology-spotter and the fun isn’t entirely based on vaping but also partly to do with hardware and firmware.

You just want to know what companies have come up with and how well their mods perform at top values. The average vaper, however, will typically hover around the 40W to 60W mark.

Built-in Parts For A Box Mod

eGrip-OLED-CSHalf the fun is selecting a suitable sub ohm atomizer to go with your system and box mod, so if this part is part of the actual device (an eGrip by Joye like I’ve pictured here to the right is one example) this can be a little disappointing.

Certain vapers, however, appreciate how streamlined and small a device can be when the tank is removable, coils are replaceable, yet this piece sits inside a protective frame.

Shaving off a few millimeters with the best box mods is also easier with the battery as part of your device, but there’s one catch: you can’t replace a spent battery with a fresh cell if it’s non-removable.

This can be a hassle, meaning you either vape attached to a charging source (called pass-through vaping) or have to wait for the cell to replenish itself before resuming your session.


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