Top 30 Watt Devices

Most vapers, even if they own 50W to 100W devices, are happy vaping at anywhere around 30 ┬áto 40 watts. This is a cost-effective level where they can still achieve lots of vapor using sub ohm coils or install low resistance coils and enjoy cool, steady vapor. Lower-output units are not as dangerous to operate as their higher-watt counterparts since batteries aren’t pushed as far and resistance probably won’t drop so low as to risk a short-circuit. Even if your device encounters problems, safeguards are built in to protect consumer and machine against trouble relating to low voltage, low resistance, or overheating. Here are some of the top 30 watt box mods money can buy.

The Sigelei Mini

sigelei mini 30 wattSigelei’s compact but advanced product weighs very little, thanks to a tough but light frame. It operates on a removable 18650-rated battery and provides a range of 5W to 30W while supporting a low of 0.3 ohms resistance. That removable cell is a boon because vapers don’t have to wait for recharging to finish if they keep charged cells handy. The case is vented to protect the battery from pressure and overheating. Silicone covers in assorted colors are sold separately, useful and inexpensive items to protect the exterior from scratches while providing a little more grip.

Aspire ESP Mod

More rounded than the usual box mod, this isn’t a tube either. The Aspire ESP is finished in durable black carbon fiber that supplies excellent grip. Power is supplied by an internal battery rated 1900mAh with a USB port installed for recharging. It is a pass-through unit and supports down to 0.3 ohms.

Innokin iTaste MVP 30 Watt

innokin itaste mvp 30An MVP 3.0 provides the power to vape and to recharge other vaporizers or your cell phone too. Innokin’s colorful item supports 0.4 to 2.5 ohms, features stainless steel threading, and also comes with an eGo adapter to offer the ultimate in atomizer compatibility. An OLED screen keeps you informed of internal goings-on plus your puff count while a battery light indicator supplies information about the status of the MVP’s internal cell. It’s attractive and easy to operate.

Eleaf iStick 30

Eleaf iSmoka knows how to count, that’s for sure. Their iStick line rises by increments of 10W at a time and is one of the loveliest lines around too. This VV/VW device also supplies up to 8 volts and supports minimum resistance of 0.4 ohms. The built-in cell is rated for 2200mAh or an entire day of vaping. Watch battery power drain using the screen which also displays power and resistance, then plug the cord supplied between the tiny USB port and your charging device to restore energy. That display tells you if the unit has had to power down or is at risk in some way. Eleaf’s internal chip protects vapers against short circuit, over-vaping, and low voltage.

Top 30 Watt Devices
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