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SMOK has released yet another new box mod, following hot on the heels of their OSUB. It’s the Alien 220W mod, not to be confused with a UFO from Sigelei.

I’ll start this review by saying I absolutely love this device, to the point where I now have three of them.

I purchased one of the kits with the TFV8 baby, and I must say, I really prefer the regular TFV8, even more than the new TFV12. (as a side note if you are thinking of a tank to pair it with).


Some people ask about the Bluetooth capability, as they heard it had it in the early announcements. The Bluetooth feature is no longer available with the SMOK Alien. It was removed with the v1.2 update.

SMOK Alien 220W Box Mod

Smok Alien Mod Yellow Gold

The Alien is tall rather than wide; narrow, not boxy; more of a rectangle, similar to a lot of other mods in the same category. Yet, the Alien doesn’t appear to belong in the same category as those other devices. There’s something about the style that demands to be regarded as “different.”


Specifications of the Alien

SMOK’s new 220W mod uses two 18650 batteries but these are not included. Removable batteries can be recharged independently and quickly using an adapter, the recommended method, but a USB port allows you to choose the connected recharging method instead.

With sufficient power under your Alien’s belt, it’s possible to achieve a maximum of 220W or switch to Variable Temperature mode and choose a range. Watts will automatically fall into line. TCR is another available setting and is touted as more efficient than either of the other two.

Always attach a Titanium, Ni200, or stainless steel coil when operating the mod in TC mode. It won’t work otherwise, regarding a Kanthal coil as “alien” in this context. With a TC coil in place, 0.06 ohms is your minimum resistance.

If you use the TFV8, you don’t even have to worry about temp control, they only have wattage coils, and I think they do just fine. There is a wide range of suggested wattage, so you can fine tune it plenty in that aspect.

View of the Alien Craft

The OLED screen is perhaps its most distinctive and foreign feature.

Electronics don’t vary much from set to set. They are protected in the same ways model to model. Vapers’ settings are static (up to 600F, wattage according to device parameters, similar resistance ratings).

Style, however, is subject to the originality and ingenuity of designers at the various mod manufacturing companies. The screen on SMOK’s newest device doesn’t look like a display. It’s part of the black exterior but framed within a red or yellow polygon featuring angled sides top and bottom, their lines overlapping the corners.

Diagonals create an off-kilter style which certainly fits with the idea of being turned upside down in an alien craft, launched into space, or feeling out of place. Yet, this new design isn’t out of place; it’s exactly what modern vapers have been waiting for.

SMOK’s screen is also larger as a result of placing it on the front and allowing substantial room to increase the font. Big, bright, white letters and numbers display your power and resistance.

More Features of the SMOK Alien 220W

Besides their new screen, SMOK provides a soft exterior made with carbon fiber. Carbon Fiber is a practical material for a portable device. It’s light but sturdy. If you drop the mod it will probably remain unscathed barring a few scratches, but the texture of carbon fiber also prevents slipping, so there’s a good chance you won’t drop it at all.

On the bottom, SMOK provides a simple door to cover batteries, making access quick and painless. Measuring 85 x 44 x 28.4 mm, this is a compact device.

Note: I found that closing the battery door was a bit tight, as in you have to press down on the batteries so they move in slightly, as the connectors inside the mod on the other end depress slightly. It is a pretty snug fit, but I have had no issues after using three of these at the same time for a number of months. It feels like you have to force it, but it is the spring inside the device, as now I have three of these are they are all like this, so it is meant to be a bit snug.

Buy one alone or choose a starter kit which also contains a TFV8 Baby Tank. SMOK’s RBA comes with a V8 Q2 0.4 ohm dual coil already inside, a 0.15-ohm octuple coil, and a replacement tube.