Box Mod Reviews, Council Of Vapor

Vapers have seen the “squonker” model before, such as the Kanger Dripbox and Lost Vape Halcyon mods. This is a box mod with a built-in e juice bottle. A special RDA or tank at the top is fed e juice from the bottom in a proprietary system in a change-up from the vaping device with a built-in atomizer.

The Council of Vapor Wraith 80W Squonker box mod starter kit is a squonker, kind of an all-in-one thing, but the atomizer is removable. The matching RDA is still proprietary, however; just not built in.

Features of the Council of Vapor Wraith

Council Of Vapor Wraith

Firstly, the frame is made out of zinc alloy with a rubbery finish and carbon fiber. A cut-away area shows a 5-ml bottle. Pour e juice into this bottle then squeeze from the outside. This allows you to simulate the activity of dripping onto an RDA, a little at a time, without having to endure the hassle of dripping onto an RDA by carrying a bottle around all the time.

You can leave the mouthpiece in place for the duration of a session rather than removing it to drip, replacing it again, etc., etc. Remember to clean the e juice bottle every night so your vapor the following day doesn’t taste stale, even if you use the same flavor two days in a row.

80-Watt Set

Council of Vapor’s chipset runs an 80W system which also provides temperature control. It only needs a single battery which the vaper has to install independently. Council of Vapor’s chip lets you install a Titanium or Nickel 200 coil for TC vaping. It will undoubtedly protect vapers from typical malfunction issues working with sub ohm coils, high output, and high temperatures. The Wraith hasn’t been released yet, though.

Battery Basics

That one 18650 battery is stored at the bottom of this Council of Vapor Squonker mod. The door locks to ensure it is safely installed. Remove the battery when the cell needs to be recharged. An OLED display will let you know when it’s time.

I love this method of battery recharging because I can replace batteries with ones I had ready, whether at home or away from home, and don’t need a bunch of spare cords. This is the fastest way to keep vaping when my charge is low as long as I’m prepared.

Interesting Design

The black version is stealthy, but a white one with black inlay had me thinking of Storm Troopers. Soft shaping around the area you grip (and where you squeeze the bottle) makes for enjoyable handling. The opposite corner is cut off and rounded to create a diagonal space for the power button.

Two very small adjustment buttons are set into the same side as the screen which is set below the diagonal part I just mentioned. Modern elements jump off the frame at you, making this a unique item in a sometimes dull world of boxy devices.

Wraith RDA for the Set

Atop the Wraith is an RDA in several pieces. Turn a stainless steel-plated ring to control airflow. The curved, wide black turbine mouthpiece increases vapor production but ensures vapor is cool when you inhale it. Build coils to personal specifications, including TC and Kanthal coils, on a dual-post deck but choose single or double post builds.

E juice is squirted up through a hollow pin which is why the system is proprietary. The Wraith RDA measures 23 mm in diameter and 26.4 mm high; nice and short because there’s no tank; no glass to worry about either.

Use the Wraith

Choose Variable Watt or Temp Control mode and set the mod up to 80 watts or 600F using the small buttons. Follow details on a bright OLED screen to ensure there are no warnings and to view box mod functions.

Keep the Wraith clean and show it off as often as you can. Council of Vapor has created another stunning mod for consumers who care about the aesthetics of their vaping image.