Best 200W Models

Of all box mod categories, there seem to be more 200W devices than anything else. Manufacturers get excited at this point, plus there is the added bonus of seeing numerous DNA 200 chipsets on the menu. You can pay a broad range of prices to own a 200 watt mod; between $55 and $160, the latter value representing devices containing an Evolv DNA 200. America’s Evolv is highly acclaimed, but Yihi and others make a decent product for less. At the heights of wattage output, however, temperatures run high and so do the chances for potential danger. Sometimes it pays to be protected by the best.

But now, let’s have a look at a few really great favorites these days!

And here they are – My Top 3 devices From Volcano, Pioneer4you, And Kanger

Best 200 Watt Box Mods

Now, first of all, we have to ask: Do you really need 200 watts when you are vaping? Could you settle for 20 watts? That’s a bit of an extreme compromise considering there is just about every other number in between, at least with a 5 or a zero in front of it. Choose 30, 40, 60, or 165 watts instead. But no, vapers are like mountain climbers: they see a peak and they want to reach it. And here we are! So, when you do your research for top box mods, always keep the following three mods on your list and compare all other box mods to them. The LavaBox is sold by Volcano, an American e cig firm known for their Inferno ego-type e cig and US-brewed e juice. Kanger’s 200W KBOX is more widely available as is the Pioneer4you iPV5, both of them from Chinese manufacturers but boasting very different styles.

The iPV5 from Pioneer4you

Pioneer4you iPV5 200W TC

This was a toss-up: do I choose the best mod for the price or the best one, period? I decided to place the Pioneer4you iPV5 in first place because it is more affordable than the Volcano LavaBox but still a great device with a good PCB onboard. The Yihi SX330-200 does not match Evolv’s DNA control board but it takes second place. On the other hand, the Pioneer4you can be purchased for around $40 to $60 which is one third to one-fifth of the price of a LavaBox.

The Pioneer4you iPV5 provides protected power: 10W to 200W, a maximum of 572F, several colors, and attractive grooves to personalize its appearance. Every firm has to offer some little aesthetic difference even though it’s difficult to make a 200W mod that is not large and boxy. Select joules, variable watts, temperature variation, and a tank fitted with any of the market’s many temperature-sensitive coils. The 510-threads are flexible about the tank you choose. Compatible coils are made from stainless steel, high-grade nickel, and titanium. With the iPV5, you can get those ohms down to 0.05 and put an RBA to good use.

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The Lavabox from Volcano

Lavabox DNA 200 Blood Red

Although I believe the DNA 200 is a superior PCB, the cost of a Volcano LavaBox ($180) is prohibitive. At least the cell is included though. Functionally, this is an excellent device safeguarded against short circuiting, overcharging, over-discharging, and more. Its display is superior.

The LavaBox utilizes a removable triple cell which is recharged via USB but replaceable when completely spent after around 300 charges. Batteries for a Pioneer4you iPV5, by contrast, are not included and have to be removed for charging. This is potentially more convenient considering you can keep spares ready-charged for the moment you need them, but recharging overnight is easy too. Volcano customers with loyalty points can also use those to help pay for their mod.

Volcano’s LavaBox is made with Billet Aluminum (aircraft-grade metal), so it’s light, but the shape is angular and industrial. Volcano solves the problem of a dry appearance with the addition of “grippers” available in lots of lovely colors to break up the monotony of red, black, or white.

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The KBOX 200 by Kanger

Kanger KBOX 200W White

The Kanger KBox 200W is an excellent machine. Their PCB is serialized although they don’t tell you much about this protective control feature which operates an OLED screen and stops your device from short circuiting if you replace batteries in reverse. You need to add your own batteries which can be recharged internally or externally, blending the convenience factors of both the items above at a really great price point of $30 to $50. Kanger’s mods are always stylish, still boxes, but with elements of contrast I find quite enjoyable. Their buttons aren’t as large as the switches on those units above and don’t feel as solid, but they are visually pleasing “dots” against their solid-colored box of red, white, or black.

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China vs. America

Evolve takes top billing but there are lots of cheaper chipsets providing vapers with security and confidence. If money was no object, Evolv would be the only answer. But sticking with a brand name also protects vapers from malfunction and low quality construction.

HCigar VT200


Chinese and American designs merge in this perfect pairing: the HCigar VT200. Brightly colored and box-shaped, yet with rounded corners, the VT200 sports energetic racing stripe across dimensions measuring 3-1/2 x 2-1/8 x 1″ containing a 3S triple cell charged via the USB port in its frame. A spring-loaded pin welcomes connection to various sub ohm and TC atomizer tanks by SMOK, Eleaf, Kanger, and Sense. Evolv’s 200 watt DNA chip controls an OLED screen, accepts 0.08 or 0.1-ohm minimum resistance (TC or VW respectively), protects users from low voltage, low resistance, overheating, and provides a temperature variable between 200F and 600F. That 1300mAh 3S cell will eventually be replaceable but for now vapers can enjoy pass-through capability.

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Wismec Reuleaux RX200 by Jay Bo Designs

Wismec Reuleaux RX200 Box Mod

Wismec’s unusually-shaped mod is surprisingly small compared with other 200W mods, thanks to Jay Bo’s creativity. Three batteries are removable and stored behind a magnetic door. A display sits back from the edge to protect your screen from cracking. Operate the Reuleaux RX200 in either Variable Wattage or Temperature Control setting, the latter possible when you apply Nickel 200, Titanium, or stainless steel coils to your rebuildable atomizer or RDA. Use the micro port to upgrade firmware via your computer, but for now this compact unit measuring 50 x 40 x 84 mm hosts 0.05-ohm coils, manages a scope of 1 watt to 200 watts, features reverse battery protection, and offers other safeguards.

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Sigelei Fuchai Mod

Sigelei Fuchai 200W Colors

There might be nothing cooler than a mod named for a warrior, especially in red: The Sigelei Fuchai 200W TC. Using this system, temperature control coils are put to good use inside a high-quality rebuildable tank atomizer suitable for high watts and high temperatures. Though it’s as big as most 200W mods, zinc alloy construction results in a light finish with a 5W to 200W or 212F to 572F range. Drop to 0.05 ohms using two removable batteries and a maximum current of 25 amps.

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Best 200W Models
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