Pros And Cons Of 20 Watt Box Mods

innokin 20 wattWith the latest devices rated for up to 200W and even a little higher than that, it seems wimpy to even consider buying a 20 watt box mod. Why would you do that if, for $20 more, it’s possible to purchase a device made by a reliable company that can pump out unbelievable power and pairs beautifully with sub ohm TC coils? The idea of settling for 20W mods sounds uninspiring and dull.

Pros and Cons

However, “uninspired” or “dull” is not the case at all. If you see a 20W machine in such a negative way, you are looking at the industry from the minority perspective of someone in the high-power crowd. Most people are using eGos, APVs, and low-power variable watt devices like the MVP 2.0 20W and iStick 20W. They aren’t concerned about how much meatier their vapor could be or how tough they might look when output isn’t higher. As always, there are pros and cons to using these devices, so let’s take a closer look. And, after you’ve read through the pros and cons, we have a treat for you! Below we have uncovered what we believe to be THE “best in show” when it comes to these sweet mods!

Okay – let’s start with the cons…


We’ll get the bad stuff cleared away quickly as there isn’t much to say. It is always possible to buy a bad machine at any vaping level including this one, so check out brands with a good reputation and ensure your device is authentic. At 20 watts, hitting sub ohm values won’t really work; not below 0.8 ohms. Even if the thing can eke out a little more vapor at its highest setting, these units are made for low resistance rather than sub ohm tanks and coils. Many such units feature built-in batteries too (like the Joyetech eGrip), so you have to recharge them using an adapter or your laptop and wait for charging to finish rather than simply swapping cells.


This is a much longer list, and we think you’re going to like this! While a battery is recharging, vapers can usually operate their 20 watt-er as a pass-through device. They don’t have to wait for recharging to finish and don’t have to swap batteries. Vapers are saved from embarrassment caused by losing a cell, forgetting to keep one charged, or losing the battery door.

Twenty-watt mods are also tiny and discrete. They fit into a pants pocket easily and weigh no more than a smartphone. Several models come in loads of lovely colors, so they even pair nicely with clothing accessories or just cheer you up with their vibrancy.

At low wattage, vapers use more battery power and more juice than they do with a 10W APV. But compared with higher-watt units, 20W systems are efficient and sensible. They are less wasteful and ultimately less expensive to run. The battery requires less frequent recharging; e juice doesn’t need a top-up constantly; and coils last longer while costing less than the ones most suitable and safest for 100W to 200W machines, especially high-tech TC models.

Now – ready for some recommendations? YES! Let’s do this!

Drum roll as we bring you….

The Top Trio Of 20W Box Mods

Of course these days, your selection of box mods in the 20W category is not large. You will find a few tube mods too or you might be tempted to make your own by purchasing the frame, chip, and multiple other parts from a specialist vendor. A word of advice: you will pay more that way and there are enough tested, quality items on the market, so you don’t have to resort to DIY. Besides, when it comes to safety, how skilled are you with electronics?

Our Choices

The top three mods capable of 20W maximum output are all well known brand names. They come from companies advanced vapers easily recognize. Consumers have been using these devices for many months, maybe years, so you can be sure that only a fluke or misuse by a vaper will cause you trouble. The release of mods capable of 200 watts or even 260 watts doesn’t deter vapers from this power range; only a minority of vape users opt for the highest settings, so there’s no danger of losing your chance to buy a 20W mod. Here is the list of top three 20W vape boxes.

Eleaf iStick 20W

Eleaf iStick 20W

Before they released the 100W TC and other high-end mods, Eleaf was known for their small iSticks like the 20W in silver, blue, black, and pink. This attractive device is capable of variable watts, variable volts, and can also be used as a pass-through mod. The device contains a built-in battery in order to create a compact unit. Follow vape settings on an OLED screen installed along the narrow edge opposite your ergonomic gripping side. The display, though small, is surprisingly easy to read, forming a strip between control buttons. Your resistance range starts at 1 ohm and the wattage range is adjustable in small increments for precision.

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Innokin iTaste MVP 20w

innokin itaste mvp 20w

The 2.0 or 20W iTaste MVP by Innokin hasn’t lost its touch. Even as consumers turn to Version 3.0 with its higher output, the small but heavy 20W mod is a fantastic turning point for vapers on the verge of advancement to sub ohm vaping. It contains a 2200mah battery because this is also a portable battery bank. Ironically, the iTaste MVP 2.0 is capable of recharging a Kamry 20W, but you’re more likely to plug in your cell phone since the MVP 20W is good enough as a vape mod in its own right. Vapers are also invited to use the micro port to plug their iTaste MVP into a computer or a gaming device with the cord they provide and to keep vaping, a feature known as “pass-through” capacity. The battery will recharge itself more slowly if you continue using it but at least you will not be interrupted from vaping by lack of power. A better idea is to recharge overnight; prepare yourself ahead of time. Innokin uses a series of colored lights to indicate your battery’s power level and the screen shows your puff count plus voltage or wattage.

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Kamry 20W

Kamry 20W

This is a shiny mod available in three metallic shades although it isn’t snazzy or original in any way. Consumers are protected from a short circuit and over-vaping with an 8-second cut-off and prevented from using tanks featuring coil builds under 0.3 ohms. It’s possible to chase clouds with a 20W mod, so apply an Innokin iSub G or something similar and install sub ohm coils to give it a try. The recommended coil would be more like 1 to 1.8 ohms and this is where you will create the most flavorful vapor. There is an OLED screen and a USB micro port but the single battery you need is removable and not included. Use the port for charging if you are mobile and do not have a spare cell with you.

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Pros And Cons Of 20 Watt Box Mods
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