18650 Batteries For Vaping

How do you judge which are the top batteries for vaping? You have to know which device they will be required for and how you plan to utilize that device. High, mid, and low-watt mods require different amounts of power and maximum amperage, for example.

It is also possible to decide if you want power or a charge that lasts longer. These two figures are based on how many amps a battery is rated for (power) and mAh (milliamp hours or how long the charge lasts).

Batteries to Avoid

Vapers can also make a wise decision about which cells to walk away from. These come from firms with almost no reputation or perhaps just a bad one. There are firms which re-wrap brand name cells, and who knows how the secondary brand has treated them since buying these cells wholesale?

You also need to do some investigating about online and street level vape stores selling 18650 batteries. Find out what customers say about the cells they receive. Were they out of date?

Batteries have a shelf life. Even when not being used, they lose a bit of power and efficacy all the time which is why big companies sell older cells to dollar stores and you get them cheaply. They won’t last. Have you heard word that a vendor does not store batteries safely? Keep your ear to the ground; this could be one of the simplest or most dangerous purchases you make.

Top 5 18650 Batteries for Vaping

I have honed in on three brands and you could easily choose a variety of batteries from any one of these manufacturers. I’ll spread the love though and talk about units from LG, Samsung, and Sony.

1. Samsung 25R

Samsung INR 18650-25R

Almost everyone calls this their favorite 18650 vape battery. It is constantly given the top spot. This relatively stable flat top cell supplies 2500mAh and 20A when kept at 25C. After being fully charged, the highest voltage is 4.2V and it will not operate below 2.5V. After 250 charges, the Samsung loses almost 2/3 of its power. That’s a long time; a lot of charges in front of you before losing power. These INR cells can be stored over a year and remain effective, but the cooler they stay the longer its life will be.

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2. LG HG2

LG HG2 18650

Here is an LG alternative with a longer charge life but the same 20A expectation. LG’s 3000mAh HG2 cell operates to much the same standards and is also a flat top. You will find the LG HG2 in a lot of vapor stores, a bestseller and an effective product as long as you do not buy a re-wrapped version or a dollar store leftover.

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3. Sony VTC4


Apparently, these ones sell out in a hurry. The rating is 2100mAh or 2000mAh, although always be aware this figure might be overstated. Amperage is much higher here: 30A as opposed to 20A as above with a flat top as always, enabling a snug fit in compact mods.

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4. Samsung 30Q

Samsung 30Q

Here is another Samsung and an INR at that, perhaps the safest chemistry possible. The Samsung 30Q at 3000mAh supplies considerably more longevity than the other flat top from Samsung on this list. Amperage is lower, however, at just 15A. That is a sacrifice you might be willing to make. Take similar care over how you store them and your Samsung cells are still fresh and ready to go a year after your purchase.

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5. LG HE2

LG HE2 18650

Another LiMn cell takes the fifth place on this top 5 list of 18650 vaping batteries. It’s rated for 2500mAh and is considered a high-drain cell at 20A, constant. Trust LG to create a generally stable item that fits neatly into your mod with a flat top, one in a low- to mid-watt device or two at about 100W or more.

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18650 Batteries For Vaping
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